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True North Child Advocates

At True North Child Advocates, our mission is to empower children’s attorneys to get children home to their families, or with another permanent family if they can’t go home. We’ve worked on representation issues for decades, some of us representing kids in court, others holding executive leadership positions in state and local offices advocating for kids.  

We're committed to sharing

what we know and bringing clarity on

how to get better, faster results for abused and neglected children.

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Meet True North Child Advocates

Since 2005, our team has worked to improve representation for kids. John and Jim created an office in Palm Beach County that dramatically reduced the time children spent in foster care, and have continued to achieve those outcomes for kids for over 20 years. Angela also represented children in court, then shifted to state level policy work to improve legal representation of children in Florida and Georgia. Together we're promoting a permanency focused practice philosophy designed to give lawyers a direction and framework for representing children and improving outcomes – True North Advocacy.


Angela Orkin

Angela has been working in the child advocacy field for over 18 years. She first worked at Kids' Voice in Pittsburgh representing kids in dependency...

Jim Walsh photo-DC (1).jpg

Jim Walsh

Jim  has been representing foster children for over 20 years and is a co-creator of the Foster Children's Project, a recipient of the Congressional...

John Walsh Photo-DC (1).jpg

John Walsh

John has spoken and written on foster children's rights nationally and was featured in the book "Democracy's Local Heroes"...

Join our community of children's lawyers who are ready to transform the child welfare system.

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