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Empowering children's lawyers
to help abused and neglected kids
get home faster


At True North Child Advocates, we're promoting a different way of thinking and taking action on child welfare cases - a practice philosophy uniquely focused on permanency.

We believe kids in foster care have one primary legal problem:
they're in the custody of the state instead of the custody of a family.


Our job as children’s attorneys is to solve it. 

Holding Hands

Using this practice philosophy, we've seen children's attorneys:

  • consistently reduce the time it takes to get children home

  • improve results regardless of caseload, model of representation or level of experience

  • create a culture of urgency for kids in your community

We're sharing our experiences on The Children's Law Podcast and working with attorneys who want to improve their advocacy to make it more manageable and rewarding.

We hope you'll listen and join our community for tips and insights!

The True North Philosophy

People manage what they measure. For children’s attorneys, measuring - then actually monitoring - time to permanency lets you shift away from a reactive practice putting out fires to planning, tracking, and impacting the trajectory of the case from day one. 

You have to pick your battles. 


The battle to fight is the one for permanency.

Children Playing

As a matter of everyday practice, this means children's attorneys need to keep their focus on permanency as the primary legal issue, and hold the system accountable in the process. It also means believing that many of the problems your client faces are best met in their family or another permanent family, then focusing your efforts on getting them there as quickly as that can safely happen.  

Join our community of children's lawyers who are ready to transform the child welfare system.

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